Tuesday Teaser: Miss Helen Mills,1930s Tennis Player

August 19, 1922. Mrs. Mallory Successfully Defends Title. Photo shows Mrs. Molla Mallory who successfully defended her title as National Women's Tennis Champion by defeating Miss Helen Wills, the sixteen-year old California girl in straight sets at Forest Hills on Saturday. Miss Wills made a gallant fight but was obviously nervous and was forced to bow to the veteran player. ( Bettmann/CORBIS)


Augu 4, 1925: Miss Helen Wills, National Women's Tennis Champion, is entered in the Women's Annual New York State Championship, which opened at the Westchester-Biltmore Country Club, Rye, New York. With practically the same field that competed in the tournament at Seabright, N.J., it is very possible that Miss Wills will again meet Miss Elizabeth Ryan of England and California in the finals. The court conditions at Rye will be more favorable to Miss Wills than those at Seabright last week, but she will find Miss Ryan a dangerous opponent. Miss Helen Wills, made at the Westchester-Biltomore Country club. (Underwood & Underwood/CORBIS)
July 15, 1927: Portrait of Helen Wills Moody Miss Helen Wills, of California, returns home after her successful tour during which she won the women's tennis title at Wimbledon. (Underwood & Underwood/CORBIS)
c1934: Professional tennis player Helen Willis Moody sitting in profile in a black armchair, with short wavy hair over her ears, and a pronounced nose. (Conde Naste/Corbis)

For more images of California’s own Helen Wills Moody, follow this link.

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