CFP: ‘The Real Thing?’: The Value of Authenticity and Replication for Investigation and Conservation

Call for Papers: “‘The Real Thing?’: The Value of Authenticity and Replication for Investigation and Conservation: The University of Glasgow, Research Network for Textile Conservation, Dress and Textile History and Technical Art History.

December 6-7, 2012

Textile Conservation First Year workroom, University of Glasgow

We invite contributions for a conference at the University of Glasgow on Thursday 6 and Friday 7 December 2012 which will explore issues of authenticity with reference to textile conservation, dress and textile history and technical art history. The Research Network is funded by The Getty Foundation. Authenticity depends on context.

Art works may be autographs, or signed by the master but executed by his assistants; they may be workshop products or copies, serials, or concepts. They tell stories of alteration and intervention, loss and damage; how much of the artist’s original intent remains? Historic objects also have biographies of use, alteration and re-use before coming to rest in museum collections. The concept of authenticity is one of the core factors driving decision making in conservation and restoration, as reflected in the professional ethical codes. These judgments are becoming more complex because of rapidly changing conservation methodologies, both technical and virtual, and new approaches towards interpretation, display and use of collections by the cultural heritage sector, while advances in conservation science provide us with increasing amounts of information. The tangible and intangible qualities and the conceptual aspects of contemporary and non-western artefacts in particular, have made the role of curators, conservators, art historians, and conservation scientists even more complex and pressing.

Deadline for submission is Friday 17 February 2012. Additional details on the application proceedures are available here at the University of Glasgow website.


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