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Category Archives: Knitting & Yarn Arts

My New Job at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles.

It all began in 1977, when the Santa Clara Valley Quilt Association opened in a Los Altos storefront. Now in its permanent home in downtown San Jose, the collection houses “850 quilts, garments and ethnic textiles, and a research library of more than 500 books on the history and making of quilts and textiles.” If […]

The Future of Tradition: Weavers of Oaxaca, Mexico Connect Their Future with Their Past

On Thursday, May 10 at 12pm, The Commonwealth Club of California in San Francisco will play host to the Chavez Santiago family of the “famed weaving village of Teotitlan de Valle presents its story of this ancient art form, a family, a culture and preserving a way of life across generations.” The New York Times […]

The Animated story of Pringle of Scotland by David Shrigley

UC Botanical Garden’s Fiber & Dye Display (Closes April 8!)

If you hurry, you can see the last of the UC Botanical Garden’s current display, “Fiber & Dye,” which highlights plant-based natural fibers and dyes, as well as natural fibers themselves (including bamboo, hemp, soya, abaca and pina). As sustainable and eco-fashion grow in popularity, so too will the public’s general interest in these longstanding […]

Travel opportunity: Folk Costume of Romania

Joyce Corbett, curator at the Mengei International Museum in San Diego, sent me this notice of a tour she is leading to explore the folk art of Romania. For a quick preview of what you’ll see on the tour, check out my photos from last year’s exhibition Between East & West: Folk Art Treasures of […]

Fashion & Textiles on view in California and the West

I recently received a note from a reader, describing her trouble finding information on upcoming fashion and textile exhibitions on view in California. So, I thought I’d share what I know with readers. Quite a variety of exhibits are available across the western states: exhibitions of film costumes, exhibits using old techniques in new ways […]

Making your own yarn?

Following up on my post last week from the Portlandia episode featuring the material culture of the 1890s, I thought I’d tell you about a little historic side-project I’ve been working on for the last month: Learning to spin wool into yarn. What? Why would anyone want to do that when there are so many […]

Surface Design Association seeks Executive Director

Ready to apply your business skills to an art organization? Then SDA needs you! We are looking for a high-energy member who is ready to collaborate with staff, contractors, volunteers and the Board to lead the organization poised for growth and expansion. You need to bring demonstrated management, planning and organizational skills and most importantly, […]

Portlandia and the 1890s

In case you missed the latest episode of Portlandia (on IFC), be warned that it is a marvelous example of history and popular culture repeating itself, and repeating itself again. Apparently, the 1890s are a growing trend in Portland and this episode satirizes the mutton-chop wearing, meat-grinding, modern pre-industrial men and women of Portland. I’ll […]

The New York Times on Trends: Yarn Bomb decor

Urban legend suggests that when a fashion trend hits the New York Times – it’s the beginning of the end. This past Sunday a brief piece in the Times by Lena De Casparis (Knitty Gritty) lightly suggested that “wool is popping up in everyone’s wardrobes this season. (Chalk it up to all those knitting clubs […]