eTextile Showcase at Maker Faire Bay Area

Saturday, May 21 will bring the eTextile Showcase at Maker Faire Bay Area (at 3pm in booth #300 at Arc Attack Stage, Fiesta Hall, in San Mateo).

I’m particularly enamored with theĀ  Tron Costume by Syuzi Pakhchyan (pictured left). The costumes for Tron: Legacy (2010) were designed by Michael Wilkinson, Christine Bieselin Clark and Neville Page (helmets) and according to Clothes on Film:

“The light suit is made from Spandex (elastane) covered by a hexagonal pattern and interspersed with latex-foam. Sometimes it is a one-piece, sometimes more, depending on the character design.”

Costumes for Tron my Michael Wilkinson, Via Clothes on Film

Yesterday, I sent Syuzi Pakhchyan a quick email to ask if she’d care to elaborate on this project, and her presentation of it at the Maker Faire, and thankfully she found time to answer!

I used fuax leather for the top with lycra/spandex. For the tech, it’s just el tape that I cut and resoldered together to get various angles. The EL tape is encased in laser cut fabric and vinyl and velcroed onto the top. The velcro allows for the el to be easily removed for washing. It’s quite simple.

I made the costume before the film was out so I did not try to replicate the Quorra costume closely at all. In anticipation of Tron Legacy coming out that holiday season, I made the Quorra costume for Halloween ’10. At the Maker Faire I will demo techniques on how I cut and re-wired the el tape to create the costume. It’s quite simple really! With a bit of soldering skills and a lot of patience, anyone can create illuminated fashion using EL wires and films.

(For more photos and details of the costume, check out

Pakhchyan talks more generally about her process and training (hello Graduate degree!) in the video below. She and her Quorra Costume along with Sensoree‘s “inflataCorset” and many others will be on site at the eTextile Showcase at Maker Faire Bay Area on May 21 to discuss technologies ever-increasing role in fashion and textiles.

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