SFSU Thesis Exhibition: Screenprint, art about the body, etc.

2012 Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition at San Fransisco State University:

April 21, 2012 – May 11, 2012

“The 2012 Master of Fine Arts Thesis exhibition features the work of 9 artists: A. Gaul Culley, Dan Herrera, Nif Hodgson, Paula Moran, Kanako Namura, Billy Ocallaghan, Jordan Perkins-Lewis, Kim Snyder, and Matt Thompson.”

The opening reception will be on April 21st from 1-3pm and the exhibition will also be open during the University’s Commencement, on Saturday May 19.

In scrolling through some of the artists profiles I was struck often by Dan Herrera‘s work and his interest in the body. Of his series “Estan de una Herencia Extraña” he notes “This work centers around the idea of skin, and thinking about skin as a continuous surface in relationship to time and movement. . . . Working in this way, the elasticity of both time and skin can be stretched – revealing curious illustrations of movement.” But it was his series “The Alchemists” which I found both aesthetically pleasing as well as engaging intellectually. An artist statement related to these images was absent from his portfolio, but they almost don’t need one. Enjoy, and for more visit his website.

"Corset" 2004 by Dan Herrera
Creation, 2004 by Dan Herrera


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