I’m in Print: Sunday Times of London (History of High Heels)

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A few weeks ago, Matt Rudd of the Sunday Times of London asked me for a statement on the history of high heels. Though he didn’t quote me exactly, he did quote me first in his column, “God of Small Things” yesterday. For your reference, here’s the complete version of what I told him:

High heeled shoes have been around nearly as long as human civilization – with the first depictions of elevated shoes (a pre-cursor to the high heel) appearing as ceremonial dress in ancient Egyptian murals dating as far back as 3500 BC, and worn by both men and women of the upper classes. Generally, the popularization of the high heel is attributed to Catherine de Medici who – at only five feet tall – was eager to increase her appeal both to her husband and to the nation of France. Since that time, heels have often been associated with French high fashion – including France’s King Louis XIV who introduced the ‘red soled heel’ that Christian Louboutin has since co-opted as a signature element.”

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