From Tutus to Trunks: The Shaping of Dance Design with Connie Strayer

Saturday, November 17, 2012
10 am

Costume design by Connie Strayer for Sunken Cathedral, choreographed by Mark Foeringer for Mark Foeringer Dance Project

From the heavy and concealing costumes for dance in the time of Louis XIV to the more revealing body hugging costumes of today, design for dance has evolved alongside fashion, but has been molded by individuals in the field with vision and/or purpose. They are artists, choreographers, directors, and the dancers themselves. Political upheavals, literature and art movements, as well as technical advancements have made their mark on the visuals of dance. These major events coupled with unique individuals have brought us to a bounty of visual riches in dance today. In this lecture we will take a whirlwind tour into the origins of dance design up to the current day, and beyond.

Connie Strayer is a Costume Designer and Senior Lecturer in Design in the Department of Theatre and Performance Studies at Stanford University.

This event will be held at the de Young, Koret Auditorium, de Young Museum, San Francisco:


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