San Francisco Fashion History: Shoe store opening in 1953

Actress Marilyn Maxwell cutting the ribbon at the opening of Chandler's Shoe Store in Stonestown Shopping Center, 1953 Oct. 19. (San Francisco Public LIbrary)

“GRAND OPENING–With a king-size pair of shears, actress Marilyn Maxwell severs the tape to open the new Chandler’s Shoe Store in Stonestown. Watching, from left, are Al Hoffman, store manager; W. E. Polley, sales manager for the Edison Brothers Stores Inc.; Henry Stoneson, developer of Stonestown, and Roy Haydel, executive supervisor of the Edison stores. Ceremony was yesterday.”

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  1. I worked for this wonderful company from 1955 to 1957 in Tacoma, Washington. Edison Brothers (Berts, Bakers, Leeds and Chandlers) was a great company.

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