Winner of Friday Freebie! Berliner Chic

I’m very pleased to announce that the winner of our “Pick your favorite German fashion icon” Facebook contest is reader Helen Steele – Congratulations!

Helen’s winning entry says: “I’d have to pick Brigitte Helm, the actress from Metropolis. As Maria/Robot she features in some of cinema’s most iconic images. She also wears a rather covetable collared dress in the film, very A/W 2011! Her own style encapsulated both the ‘vamp’ look of the silent cinema era and a softer, more elegant Art Deco style.”

Helen will receive a free copy of Berliner Chic

Helm126 Helm127 Helm128 Helm129 Helm130
Helm126.jpg Helm127.jpg Helm128.jpg Helm129.jpg Helm130.jpg
Helm131 Helm132 Helm133 Helm134 Helm135
Helm131.jpg Helm132.jpg Helm133.jpg Helm134.jpg Helm135.jpg
Helm136 Helm137 Helm138 Helm139 Helm140
Helm136.jpg Helm137.jpg Helm138.jpg Helm139.jpg Helm140.jpg
Helm141 Helm142 Helm143 Helm144 Helm145
Helm141.jpg Helm142.jpg Helm143.jpg Helm144.jpg Helm145.jpg
Helm146 Helm147 Helm148 Helm149 Helm150
Helm146.jpg Helm147.jpg Helm148.jpg Helm149.jpg

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