My CSA Western Presidency: The first three weeks

The last few weeks I’ve been busy with a number of projects – not the least of which is that as of July 1, I became President of the Western Region of the Costume Society of America. I’ve served on the Western Region Board for the last six years (2006) and became Programs Chair/President-Elect in 2010. The first few weeks, I’ve focused on sorting out board committee chair responsibilities (Tip: If you are a CSA Western member interested in getting more involved, now is the time to speak up!).

At the Autry: Two Women, plaque (detail), circa 1934, Slip-cast earthenware, Hamilton Studio, by May Hamilton de Causse, United States, 1886-1971 Photograph: Susan Einstein

The Board also recently confirmed our new programs chair and president elect for 2012-2014 (congratulations Mary Gibson!), and other executive committee roles will be established soon.

Our next board meeting is in August, after the ‘Designing Women” program at the Autry (if you are interested in attending this behind-the-scenes tour on the opening weekend of the exhibition, the registration form is due July 28 – hurry!). I’ve been preparing Agenda items and learning as much ‘on the fly’ as possible, while at the same time trying to show Mary the ropes of being the programs chair.

CSA 2013 National Symposia: May 29 - June 3, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada

In case you weren’t already aware, the 2013 CSA National Symposium will be held in the Western Region – in Las Vegas (May 29 – June 3, 2013). We’re excited to be hosting, and looking forward to what the symposium committee puts together. The call for papers is already up and available for those interested in presenting on the theme “Mining the History of Costume: Fantasy and Fact.”

Hope to see some of you at the Autry program on August 11!


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  1. Congratulations Heather ! I am very excited to be working closely with you over the next few years. Thanks for getting me going as the Program Chair–it’s daunting.
    Speaking of which–any WR-CSA members who have ideas for programs or meet-ups send the information to me at

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