Special Issue of Textile: Trade and Transformations of Secondhand Clothing

Ever wondered what happens to your clothes beyond the charity bag?

Edited by anthropologists Lucy Norris and Julie Botticello, this special issue of Textile reveals the enormous scale, value and impact of the international secondhand clothes trade, a global economy that most know very little about.

The topic is approached from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, including historical insights into the expansion of the trade, ethical considerations of charity clothing practices, and economic analysis of how value is added to clothes and profitable relationships maintained. The contributors analyse specific localized practices and, crucially, place these within the broader context of global networks and markets.

Click on the following link to read the Introduction – Free:
Trade and Transformations of Secondhand Clothing: Introduction
By Lucy Norris

Articles in this issue cover subjects such as international trade, recycling, street vending and papermaking! Click here to see the full table of contents.”

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